Thursday, 5 November 2009

A new Photo Challenge

Our challenge this month is "The Colors of Autumn"Be creative if you do not have the typical autumn that New Yorkers have. We will be giving you a FULL month to find some AUTUMN images. Have fun. Post your photos on your blog, come back here & leave your link. The Challenge starts today & ends on Nov. 15th. The each challenge will be posted on the 15th of every month.We will be posting some changes in the challenge. So watch for the post. BUT for now, lets get out & find some beautiful scenes.

Hi everybody! I haven't been around on Blogger for months. I was so glad to see that Marie had started up the Photo Challenge again after the summer break.
A couple of weeks ago I booked to go on a trip to a place called High Beeches. even though it's only a twenty minute drive from Brighton I'd never been there before. It's funny how you sometimes miss the beauty on your own doorstep. I was very impressed with this place, the colours and layout, plus the variety of trees, was amazing. I also picked the very last day of perfect summer weather, it was in the high 60's, not a hint of a breeze and some fluffy white clouds and blue sky.
I thought this was the perfect place to share my trip with you and show off the beautiful autumnal colors we have here in the UK.

Thanks to Donna for the autumn tag. It's so nice to see you back making these wonderful creations Donna!


  1. Jeannette...SOOOOOOOOOOO many lovely photos, I'm having a hard time commenting on any single one. They're all beautiful! You did a great job and have a lot of lovely images to show for your trip. I hope, now that you've found this place, we'll be seeing images taken in all seasons. I know I'd love to see them. Thanks for joining AND sharing such beauty.

  2. Hi!
    Beautiful! Stunning! Gorgeous! I've run out of words. They are all very colorful and beautiful! Thanks for sharing your trip. Have a great day!

    A View of My Life

  3. What a great collection of photos! I am particularly drawn to #11. What original and interesting composition!

  4. The shots are all lovely, you had beautiful fall colors.

  5. ahh have shown that the uk is indeed enjoying a beautiful fall!! i haven't been on blogger in months either and just dropped in today to see what had been happening. i'm going to check out the photo challenge!! hope all is well with you. hugs

  6. Wow, these were all great, how did I miss these???



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