Monday, 12 January 2009

Still Life Photo Challenge

This weeks Challenge is "STILL LIFE". Post your Still Life between January 9 & Thursday January 15, 9 PM EST on your blog, come back here & leave your link.Please follow the guidelines & remember to link back to this Blog.The Poll will start on Friday the 16th, so remember to back here & vote.All are welcome to join in on the challenge!Have fun & be creative!
Here's my still life, not very creative but I love my old lamp and wanted to use it! I did like the way the margin of the frame lightens up at the top and looks like the lamp is shining on it. I'm sure others will be much more creative than this, I look forward to seeing your interpretations of the subject!

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Community Photo Challenge ~ Alphabet

The Alphabet Challenge in shapes.This main challenge may take months to create. It is a challenge, that I have seen before & I thought it would be fun. It will train your eye to find shapes & letters in everything you see. You should be able to find the alphabet in shapes & not use the actually letters in signs, try to use shapes & objects that you see in your journey through discovering the world around you..Once you've collected your images, you will then make a collage of all the letters you have found. If finding the whole alphabet is too much for you, you can just do the letters of your name.Soooo lets start here;Part 1 -You can start by finding the letters of your name.Part 2- The Whole Alphabet-optional.Once you have finish your name, post it on your blog, come back here & add it to our challenge comment section. You may continue & finish the whole alphabet, it's up to you. Both Part 1 & 2 will be included in the same challenge.I will leave a direct link on the sidebar to this challenge for easy access. Once you complete Part 1, post it. You then you have the option to continue to Part 2, if you want.For those unable to do a collage. You may enter each letter separately, but small, side by side on a post.Here are some examples

This challenge is really, as it's name suggests, a challenge! After not knowing where to start and not wanting to go out in the cold (it's 21F out there!) I decided to look around indoors for inspiration. With a little help from an umbrella, nail clippers, bag clasp and handles, a dumbell and fairy lights among others, I managed to at least complete my name!
Come on, let's see what you can do!



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