Sunday, 17 May 2009

Photo Challenge ~ A Photo Story

Our Photo Story Challenge starts today & ends on Thursday May, 21st. You have a week to post on your blog a 3-5 image Photo Story. Come back here & add your link in the comment section of this post.. Please follow Guidelines.The post below shows an example & 2 links to show more samples of a Photo Story.If you do not have a photo software editing program & cannot display them on one document, you can post them all in one entry. They can be anywhere from 3 to 5 images for your Photo Story. Add some information &/or location of your photo story.
I told this story on my journal yesterday but for anyone who didn't read it here it is again.
Last Saturday I saw this poor seagull trapped under netting on an office block roof. He was unable to get out and seemed resigned to sitting there waiting to die. Another seagull had already died there, you can see him in the centre of the photo tangled in the netting.

I called the RSPCA and an inspector came out. She called the fire brigade to climb on the roof and rescue the poor soul, it was his lucky day!

The fireman climbed onto the roof and gently cradled the frightened gull in his arms, he brought him down to the RSPCA inspector.

Then he went back to free the dead gull and brought him down too

They were watched closely by these two seagulls who had sat watching the trapped bird all day, I wonder what they'd be saying if they could talk?!

The rescued bird was taken to the RSPCA sanctuary, he was weak with hunger but was given a meal and kept overnight before being set free next day.
I hope the gull will keep away from netting in future, he was so lucky that I spotted him this time.... next time he may not be so lucky!
Jeannette xx


  1. This was great Jeannette,glad you added to the story. Nicely done!!

  2. what a wonderful photo story. i am glad that you were able to get the poor fellow some help!

  3. Jeannette, I LOVE this story. Great shots of the rescue, too. You earned a lot of brownie points that day! ...and thanks for sharing.



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