Sunday, 28 December 2008

Photo Challenge ~ Something New

Our Challenge is finding Something NEW & posting on your blog. It must be a new entry posted between today & January 1st before 9 PM EST. Come back here & leave your link.
This is an easy one. Here's my beautiful new jewel encrusted dustpan and brush! Lol! I really couldn't think of anything I wanted for Christmas then I was looking through a gift catalogue and saw this. I told Andy I'd love it! He thought I was joking but I really did want it. Somebody at work said I probably wasn't the first person to get a dustpan and brush for Christmas but I was probably the first person to have asked for one! Andy did of course buy me other things too but I just loved this, funny but I loathe housework!
I created this blog to use for my Photo Challenge entries.
Happy new year to you all!


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