Thursday, 19 March 2009


This weeks photo challenge is MAILBOXES. Find an old beat-up mailbox, an unusual, creative one...or concentrate on a lovely photographic shot of your own mailbox or even a group of mailboxes. They come in all shapes & sizes. This should be another easy challenge, so get out & shoot!Don't forget to follow the GUIDELINES, come back here & leave your link.All entries must be posted between March 12th to March 26th at 9 PM EST.

It's been forever since I took part in this challenge!
Here's my entry. Marie said we could post unusual mailboxes. So what's unusual about this seemingly basic functional one? I saw it when I was out on a walk on the South Downs in Sussex, in the heart of the English countryside!


  1. Good one, Jeannette! WHO would have thought the US MAIL box would be found in England....what do they normally call it UK MAIL?

  2. What a surpise...a mailbox from the United States in England. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Pretty cool! :)



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